The Digital Wisdom Institute is a non-profit think tank

focused on the promise and challenges of ethics,

artificial intelligence & advanced computing solutions.


We believe that

the development of ethics and artificial intelligence

and equal co-existence with ethical machines is

humanity's best hope


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May 27, 2014 (4:00pm)

Selfishness, Interdependence &

the Algorithmic Execution of Entity-Derived Intentions and Priorities

Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics Conference


 August 1-4

Instructions for Engineering Sustainable People

Artificial General Intelligence 2014


 November 7-9 - Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 2014

 November 13-15 - AAAI Fall Symposium Series 2014

 Spring 2015 - Implementing Selves 2015






May 20

Machine Execution of Human Intentions

GMU - AFCEA Symposium 2014: Critical Issues in C4I


May 9

The Role of Metacognition in Creating Safe, Self-Improving Entities

University of Maryland Metacognition Seminar


 March 26

Presentations from AAAI Spring 2014 Symposium #4

Implementing Selves with Safe Motivational Systems & Self-Improvement


January 31

Google . . . Might Save Humanity From Extinction


November 17

"A Myriad of Automation Serving a Unified Reflective Safe/Moral Will"

for AAAI Fall Symposium 2013 #2

How Should Intelligence Be Abstracted in AI Research?


September 22

"The Wisdom of Longevity and Cryonics" at the

Inspiring Radical Life Extension Conference in Washington, DC.


July 20

"Ethics in the Age of Intelligent Machines" panel at WorldFuture 2013

J.Storrs Hall, Wendall Wallach (powerpoint) & Mark Waser (powerpoint)


July 15

The Bright Red Line of Responsibility presented at

International Association for Computing & Philosophy (IACAP) 2013


May 21

The “Bright Green” Line of Responsibility/In Defense of Smart Machines

presented at the

Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics Conference  


May 14

Safe/Moral Autopoiesis & Consciousness 

from International Journal of Machine Consciousness 5:1, June 2013


April 24

Waser Contra Goertzel Contra Dvorsky on Mind Uploading


April 3

Value is Simple and Robust 


March 27

Dissecting the Scientists’ Call to Ban Autonomous Lethal Robots


February 21

Dissolving the “Hard Problem” of Consciousness


February 1

Play to Win: Gamification as a Business Innovation Tool panel

presented at the Northern Virginia Technology Council

Digital Wisdom's powerpoint & the entire panel powerpoint


December 23

Backward Induction: Rationality or Inappropriate Reductionism? – Part 2


December 21

Got Risk? Debating Eli Yudkowsky About “AIs that prove changes correct”


December 16

Coherent Extrapolated Volition: The Next Generation


December 10

Backward Induction: Rationality or Inappropriate Reductionism? – Part 1


December 4

The “Wicked Problem” of Existential Risk



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